Learning through Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Business and Professional Skills
•  Adapting to Change
•  Building Trust Within Teams
•  Business Writing for Success
•  Business Communications for Global Audiences
•  Communication Skills
•  Customer Service (Basics and Advanced)
•  Dealing with Difficult People
•  Developing Teamwork
•  Effective Decision Making
•  Elicitation Skills
•  Facilitation Skills
•  Listening Skills
•  Presentation Skills
•  Sales Skills
•  Working as a Virtual Team


Leadership and Management
•  Leadership Development Programs:
       •  Emerging Leaders
       •  Mid-level Leaders
       •  Senior Leaders
       •  Women Leaders

•  Business Acumen
•  Business Strategy
•  Critical Thinking
•  Coaching Skills for Managers
•  Emotional Intelligence
•  Engagement and Execution: The Triangle Strategy
•  Executive Presence
•  Goal Setting
•  Interviewing and Selection
•  Managing Change
•  Managing Up
•  Performance Management
•  Strategic Negotiation
•  Talent Management

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Culture and Diversity
•  Cross-Generational Teams
 •  Career Development
 •  Career Transition
 •  Cross-Cultural Understanding in Global Business
 •  Multi-Cultural Awareness
 •  New Hire Orientation Programs
 •  Valuing Our Differences

Lead In:
Balanced Empowerment for Women

Discover – Empower – Challenge - Engage

Our integrative program works specifically with women in the workplace and those military women who are transitioning to the civilian environment.  This program defines and articulates enhanced methods of leading, working, being, and contributing more holistically in the workplace, and coaches women on ways to leverage their experiences as they take control of their career development.

Program Objectives
• Lead with head and heart
• Determine a clear singular leadership style
• Develop a disciplined approach to innovative and critical thinking
• Demonstrate ways to sustain results with greater impact and purpose
• Learn how to lead through continual change and evolution while inspiring and engaging others

Workshop Outline for Women in the Workplace
• Leadership Attributes
• Your Personal Inventory
• Lead through Complexity
• Styles of Leadership
• Personal Leadership Statement
• What’s Next for Me?

Workshop Outline for Military Women in Transition
• Take Inventory
• Create Self-awareness
• Examine the Layers
• Leverage the Military Experience
• Discover and Explore Options
• The Culture of the Civilian Workplace
• What’s Next for Me?