Learning through Assessment

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Learning Needs Analysis

A learning needs analysis is undertaken by the business to determine a gap between existing knowledge, skills, and abilities, and those that are required by the organization to function at a desired level.  Once a gap is determined, decisions can be made if training is even a viable solution, and if so,  decide what type of training is required and the delivery format.  At Phoenix Learning Solutions, we highly encourage our clients to complete an analysis prior any design, development, and implementation of a learning solution, to ensure the organization’s strategic objectives are met.

Employee Assessments

In today’s business environment,  managers face the challenge of strategically developing employees to ensure effective use of their talent.  By integrating employee assessments at the start of a learning journey, managers are better equipped to decipher employees’ interests and aptitudes, and guide them in appropriately applying their talents in alignment with the organization’s strategic needs.

Phoenix Learning Solutions provides the following assessments:

 •  360 Feedback
 •  Meyers Briggs Type Indicator
 •  DISC and Taking Flight with DISC
 •  Hogan
 •  Birkman

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